Plan Cuatro Ciénegas 2040

Importance of having a civil registry

In Plan 2040, we ensure that 100% Cuatro Ciénegas’s children have a Civil Registry. This results in several benefits, such as having legal recognition, name, CURP, a vaccination card, education and being able to receive all the sacraments.This month, after continuous efforts since 2019, we achieved Civil Registry for Axel, of the 1st generation, his…

Plan Independencia

2 years promoting dreams in Colonia Independencia!

Plan 2040 Independencia celebrated its 2nd Anniversary dreaming that 100% of the new generations have the opportunity for family, professional, and/or technical development. In these 2 years, they have achieved the following: 261 active children of the new generations and 18 pregnant women accompanied by the 2040 guides 898 people benefited 2,798 total accompaniments with…

Plan Independencia

Civil registry and health brigades

Plan 2040 Independencia held in their facilities brigades for civil registry and health. In the Heath area they offered medical and dental consultations, nursing services, delivery of medicines and free haircuts; For the legal area they offered legal advice for civil registry regularization processes. Close to 100 members of the Independencia community were benefited in…

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