The Plan 2040 in Cuatro Cienegas is a Civil Association with a long-term plan to accompany  all the  children  from the  new generations  and their families since their conception and during 25 years. Plan Cuatro Ciénegas 2040 exists to create opportunities for the families of Northern Mexico.

In New Generation Foundation we help Plan Cuatro Ciénegas 2040, so we can accomplish the goals and collaborate with the community and different alliances   among  5  main  sectors:  Spirituality,  Youth  &  Family,  Health, Education, and Familiar Economy.

All to transform the lives of the new generations that will mark a new future for Cuatro Ciénegas and their community.


The Home of Hope is where Plan Cuatro Ciénegas 2040 is managed and operates and right now is suffering from its own success. Understaffed and overcrowded, there is an urgent need to expand the facilities. We have big dreams for this place to become an area of gathering, formation, and spirituality, where every citizen feels welcomed and cherished.

To accomplish this dream, we have in development a new Home of Hope that will keep up with the growing families of the community and let us help all of them without feeling overcrowded or understaffed.

Together with community leaders and benefactors fully committed to this project. We have been able to obtain a 70% of the total cost of the construction. This campaign’s primary goal is to fundraise the $500,000 remaining to make this project possible. which will be constructed in 2 stages:

  • First Stage: 2021-2022
  • Second Stage: 2022-2023
  • 2,600 m²
  • Located in Cuatro Ciénegas historical Center.
  • The construction will use its construction materials 100% natural from around the area.
  • It will be able to welcome over 300 people.
  • Open to all the community. A home for everyone.