Plan Cuatro Ciénegas 2040

Importance of having a civil registry

In Plan 2040, we ensure that 100% Cuatro Ciénegas’s children have a Civil Registry. This results in several benefits, such as having legal recognition, name, CURP, a vaccination card, education and being able to receive all the sacraments.This month, after continuous efforts since 2019, we achieved Civil Registry for Axel, of the 1st generation, his brother and mother. Each member of the family was accompanied through the bureaucratic process. Axel’s mother told us about the challenges she faced since she was young from not having a Civil Registry. Simple processes became incredibly complicated for her without having proper identification, such as going to school. Now with 2 children in Plan 2040, she recognized the importance of this registry, and we worked side by side with her to achieve it.