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We are committed to the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our primary goal is to secure the crucial funding required for Plan 2040, ensuring it successfully creates opportunities for new generations in the communities it serves.




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What is Plan 2040?

New Generations Foundation partners with CODICC, a non-profit organization founded in 2016, which developed Plan 2040 with the goal of advancing the community’s upward mobility.

Through a dedicated team and a long-term strategy, Plan 2040 provides extensive support to all new generations.

Plan 2040 Communities:

Plan 2040 Model

Children of the new generations
People benefited by Plan 2040
Pregnant women accompanied
Cases attended
+ 0
Data from April 2024

Opportunities for 100%
of the new generations

Plan 2040 five pillars​


Supporting the optimal development of the new generations and their families through schemes of prevention, detection, and care at all stages of growth.

Family finances

Enhance leadership skills and professional development with a human-centered approach to contribute to a family economy that ensures a dignified life plan for the family.

Family & Youth

Promote family integration through training programs and activities that strengthen the family environment and its life plan.


100% of the new generations complete a professional or technical career, promoting and incentivizing further studies and reducing school dropout rates, so that they are able to seize their opportunities and thereby have a better future.


Plan 2040 engages with every member of the community, regardless of their faith or beliefs, while also encouraging spiritual growth to help individuals experience the unique love that God has for each of them.

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Impact of Plan 2040

This video showcases the impact Plan 2040 has had in their first generation of children who began in Cuatro Cienegas in 2017.

Leadership Team

Manuel Carvallo

Alfonso González

Doug Kearney

Mike Marrow

Mark Matia

Roberto Sánchez-Mejorada

Plan 2040´s latest news

Plan 2040 is very excited to see how this tool will strengthen the community and provide the necessary support to parents and caregivers.
Thank you, Red Cross, for always finding ways to collaborate and ensure the safety and health of all members of Plan 2040.
Thank you, Dr. Fabrizio Canabal, for accepting this mission. We are very happy to team up with you and to see how we can be bridges for better access to health issues for the Colonia Independencia," expressed the Plan 2040 team.
The Plan 2040 celebrated the baptisms of 30 children over the age of 7 who attend catechism. Most of these children are siblings of Plan 2040 children, and their baptism represents an important step in their spiritual journey. This event was made possible thanks to the incredible work of the spirituality pillar and its team, who dedicated time and effort to prepare the children and their families for this special moment.
In an emotional ceremony, the Plan 2040 team welcomed Lic. Claudia Amador de Cenyeliztli to mark the conclusion of the Listening Advisors certification.

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